New Legal Claims and Defendants Added to Patriot Prayer Lawsuit



Attention Portlanders, when you see the bigot brigade shoot first. Your life is in danger. The cops will not help you. 911 is a joke. Don't be a victim.


So now you're advocating...what exactly? Murder, assault? Because you disagree with someone. Ain't you a charmer.


I'm advocating self defense. These people are thugs who have demonstrated repeatedly that they intend to cause physical harm to people who disagree with them politically. I don't want to see any members of our community to come to harm. Since our local government can't muster an actual response to the threat, our community will have to help itself. If the police actually did something, we wouldn't have to.


Chris Ponte is the "member of Patriot Prayer [who] appears to spray the patio with mace," that's why he is mentioned in the lawsuit.


Hmmm. "I'm advocating self defense" and
"when you see the bigot brigade shoot first". Methinks you are a wee hypocrite.


Stop. Kidding. Yourself.
Look at it this way: you have one group that is focused on getting their message, whatever that is, out. So, speech if you will. Then you have another group who are focused on silencing others with whom they disagree. So, censors.
Morally, who is least wrong?
The real fascists, you shall know them by their actions.


Yes, pcashman. We know them by their actions.

The fascists are PP and their former friends the proud bois and their associates.


Meh, suit yourself, it's all just personal opinion anyways. But bear in mind that I'm not proposing a binary grade in which every person or mob is either A. Fascist or B. Super awesome. There is plenty of room under the heading of "Generally evil and crappy behavior" for other -ism's and -ist's besides fascism. But specific to fascism (since that seems to be the evil du jour), the Aunty Fay mob are the ones who have appointed themselves as the judge of what is and is not acceptable speech and thought, and have demonstrated they are positively eager to use threats and mob violence to enforce their judgments. Technically that's not an economic or political system, so maybe fascists isn't actually the correct word for that, but violent and despotic extremist mob seems to fit the bill.


Nope, speech and violence are completely different things so I never wrote or said any such thing. Mutual affray, however, you betcha!