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Yes, it's still very early and I'm not ready to make a decision about which of the 20+ Democratic candidates I'll support for the presidential nomination—even though I'd support a moldy sponge over Trump. However, you have to admit that Elizabeth Warren is coming on strong. Of all the candidates, she's presented the most detailed, thoughtful, and robust policies, seems to be gaining a foothold with Trump supporters, and is refusing to play Fox News' bullshit "town hall" game that serves no purpose other than to give shitbags like Hannity additional quotes to take out of context and subsequently lie about.

Check out this thread from Warren that explains why she's saying, "Oh HELL no" to Fox News:

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WHAT SHE SAID. While I ordinarily think that candidates should face the press—particularly those media outlets that might challenge their point of view, we can all agree that Fox News is not your ordinary press. They are clearly a publicity machine for the far right... and worst of all, refuse to be transparent about their bias. And this is why Warren is particularly justified in shunning Fox News.

I'm proud to admit that the Mercury is a leftie rag that promotes progressive values, while also making every attempt to be fair and follow the facts wherever they may lead. If right-wingers can't hang with that, and refuse to answer our questions (which happens a lot), then at least no one is pretending.

Make no mistake: By saying no to Fox News, Warren is also passing up an opportunity to grab more clicks and soak up the spotlight that's primarily being given to her white male competitors—but at least she's doing it for the right reasons.