A Black, Queer, Homeless Portlander Was Found Hanging from a Tree. Police Say It's Suicide. Her Family Disagrees.



Lynching has returned in this country. Murder by cop wasn't enough. Fuck this racist, misogynist, homophobic, fucked up beyond belief administration and their stoking the fires of hate. This country needs to be burned to the motherfucking ground in order for people to WAKE THE FUCK UP AND END THIS SHIT!!!!


Why the hell would it matter if you call him male or female when you turn around and call him a queer in the same voice? I pray for the end to come soon. But Portland, OR is my hometown and if you cant handle black people or LBGT whatever, get the fuck out of my city. We love our gays, queers, lezis, dykes, draggs and yes even our faggs, no matter what color they come in. We embrace the diversity, but not the bullshit.


Jezibel- the word “queer” has mostly been embraced by the LGBTQ community and is no longer hateful (to most).


RIP Titi 💚


Okay, I get the angle that this was a marginalized person and perhaps the police didn’t do a thorough investigation. What’s missing here are facts. Where did he spend his time? How did he end up at Rocky Butte? Why did the coroner think it was a suicide and not a murder? What evidence do the friends have that this was foul play?
I don’t think it’s easy to kill a 175 lb+ man (guesstimate from photo), move the body, and stage a suicide though. Would take at least two people to move the body. Not an impossible scenario though.

Rest In peace Otis/Titi.


He was 150 lb.s, 5'8 and skinny. His killer has been located and the police know who he is and even had him in their custody. He was released. Even with evidence handed to them. There's also a video and pictures of what happened to my son and I know both of the people. Police are doing nothing.