Portland Police Lower Officer Hiring Standards to Address Poor Recruitment Rates



The other factor that makes Portland a tough place to hire police officers (besides the anti-police sentiment) is the fact that the daily job of a Police officer these days in Portland largely entails babysitting misbehaving transient / tweaker imbeciles who thrive in this town with its lax policies toward "low level" crimes. My guess is that 80%+ of calls in an officer's daily patrol relate to tweakers behaving badly, welfare checks on tweakers, and tweaker property crimes. Dealing with these zombies over and over (and seeing them repeatedly go through our revolving door "justice system" in this town) has to be demoralizing and pretty damn boring after a while.


Daryl Turner thinks that any form of accountability is "anti-police sentiment." Seriously, the cops in this city are crybabies, according to Turner.