Jamila Woods at the Starlight Stage in 2018
Jamila Woods at the Starlight Stage in 2018 Nash CO

Happy August, music nerds! Starting today, hoards of people will begin trekking up a hill in search of the perfect camp spot, and begin congregating at Happy Valley's Pendarvis Farm for one of the best weekends and music events of the year. And for all you poor, unfortunate souls who can't make it to Pickathon 2019 this weekend, the fest has just the remedy for your worsening case of FOMO: a full-blown live streaming package for a cool $29.99. Just head to the Pickathon website to get the All Access Streaming Pass, select the stage you'd like to view, and tune in all weekend to see acts like Sudan Archives, YOB, Mereba, Damien Jurado, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Help, and many, many more. Sure, it won't be the same as if you were really toting a reusable steel cup around a woodsy farm while wearing dusty hiking boots and a sunhat and being completely blissed out from all the live music and legal intoxicants... but you can now watch us having a blast doing all that, and see some killer live sets. So much cheaper than a weekend pass!

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