The Proud Boys Came to Portland and Are Threatening to Return. Now What?



"free your city from the grip of antifa"

The far right wing terrorists decry
We'll come back here till you do!

But, if you Prouders never come back
the anti-fascists'll never Confront you
again and will fade into total Obscurity.

Which is, what you want?


"The beatings will continue until Morale improves."

--motivational sign (reportedly) spotted in Corporate mensroom.


"It’s still unclear if the city will take further action
to keep the Proud Boys at bay.

With the threat of ongoing visits from a hate group
intent on wasting the city's dollars, the
public's waiting for an answer."


“We’re simply restricting defendants from organizing a lynch mob.”
--Attorney Juan Chavez

Yeah but the Terrorists/KKK's built a fine and noble Lynching History
over the last 400 years and it'd be a damn Shame for their Legacy
to just wither on the vine.


Show up with nothing, that is to say, don't show up. Give them the hand to talk to. Even the goofy/fun demonstrations just add to these asswipe's power. Seattle has the freeze down cold, show them nothing.


Portland extremist idiots are drawing right wing extremist idiots, so they can all stand around doing their respective moral posturing to feel good about themselves, while taxpayers foot the bill for police to act as child care. Only concerning thing I saw in the article was a reference to shirts advocating violence against LGBTQ people. What did the shirts say? No pictures?


Can we have a city ordinance at least that forbids weapons at protests? Go into a protest area with a weapon it not only gets confiscated, but you get arrested then and there.

When a protest is coming state that the ordinance will be in effect. No wooden poles, no bear spray, no knives, no shields, and certainly no firearms. Bring any such a thing and you go directly to jail and get charged.


Wheeler said: “I have one clear message to anyone who says they’re going to continue wasting the city’s resources over and over again: Stop wasting our time. Stop wasting taxpayer dollars. Stop hurting our businesses. We have a city to run and lives to lead.”
Gheez Wheeler ... you are about as effective as Sen. Susan Collins protecting women's rights. Grow-a-pair and keep these idiots out of Portland.


Ignore them!!!!! They come back because the get a reaction. They know that Antifa will get all worked up and start beating on people. Hell last week they got on their buses and went home before the bullshit violence started. Portland you are your own worst enemy on this one. PP/PB are pulling the strings here.


The only power they have is the publicity you continually gift to them.