Undercover in Patriot Prayer: Insights From a Vancouver Democrat Who's Been Working Against the Far-Right Group from the Inside



Meanwhile, I'm sure Bootlicker Herzog Up North will write about how this "hurts the left" or something.


I give it exactly two months until Andy moves to Seattle, becomes fast friends with Saleem Juma, and has a roundtable discussion with Katie about why Alex is "the real racist."


Criminal intent on tape from these humps they are all going down. Especially that joey feller. Good job "Ben" you are a true American patriot.


Where are the stories of the peaceful Antifa? Both sides are a bunch of spoiled brats that need to go away.


Such a hoot watching these crybaby snowflake unAmerican I love fascism types getting squirmy as they come to the realization very soon they will be convicted felons. Plain and simple: they were outsmarted by "Ben".


Wish I could see all the deleted comments...I understand the need for safety, but maybe you could put them in a mason jar off to the side so we can see them without being infected or traumatized.


"Ben" I just wanted to let you know that as a former combat vet myself, you have my support. Your words here echo my thoughts, particularly regarding the oaths we swore. Thank you so much for your service then and now. I wish I could reach out to you further. I'd love to get organized.


"Ben...he wishes to keep his name private a little longer"

Proceeds to give vivid description of Ben, his activities, physical characteristics, dress, and identifies him as the person heard saying quoted phrase in a video.

Not much of a mystery left for those around him.


Thank you, Portland Mercury. I rely on you and Willamette Week to do actual journalism in PDX. The "O" is barely good enough for fish wrap. Keep it up!


@25 I’m genuinely trying to figure out what ax you have to grind with the highly successful and respected Morron family.


I think he was referring to Judge Moron, who ran for US Senate from Alabama or somewhere under the Bible Belt. Ray Moron.


Please don’t moderate that. Please.


@31 your fucking screen name is *intolerable left and you're saying we are intolerable. We tolerate alot actually. What we won't tolerate at all is a bunch of straight up racist homophobes who use people of color as examples of "were not really racist" while posting page after page of racist and homophobic memes, all while grifti g supporters money while costing our city millions in police work just to make sure that proud boys don't get literally ripped to pieces by an entire city who's sick of the game. There is no such thing as a "non-racist proudboy". If you believe anything different, you're a moron. If I wasn't a racist, I wouldn't flirt with racist jokes and give hugs to ACTUAL fucking Nazi groups like American guard. And no, there is absolutely no fucking common ground between hard working, good hearted people who love their community and coked out jocks who want to scream "USA!!" because it gives them a boner. You're the one in the echo chamber and it's hilarious to watch you struggling to come to grips with that. You literally regurgitate Nazi speaking points about ANTIFA and you're so fucking trapped in that thinking, you're practically living in another world. There is no common ground with people who have a Nazi cock so far in their ear, it's scrambling their brains. Go find common ground with a flat earther because your living in the same fantasy world.


@35 "soy boys" Truly an "insult" that says loads about the one who says it and nothing about the ones it is directed at. Eat shit ya loser.


@35 proudboys wear masks too. I've never seen a proudboy in his Fred Perry ALONE. So who are you calling a coward? Masks? Absolutely! Who wants to go to jail for beating the shit out of a coked up privileged jock who espouses racist and homophobic beliefs. As for "wasting your time reading..." Don't pretend like you're employed or can read for that matter. Go fuck yourself and jerk off to Trump and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Nobody here gives a fuck what you think.


@39 is red meat that hard to come by in the shack in Siberia you're obviously writing this from?


NightTrain I don't hide behind a mask or online anonymity. Step to me bro, let's talk!


No NightTrain, you don't sound the least bit threatening or deranged.

Merc, comment #41 should easily be enough to ban that scumbag's account. What are you waiting for?


So when this reporter re-Tweets pro-Antifa content and praise, can we question her biases, too?