Vapocalypse 2019: JUST WTF IS GOING ON?



While I admire the sentiment of that last statement, Josh, it's not true and sort of steps on the objectivity you're managed to maintain pretty well throughout the rest of the article.


I don't think there's "zero dangers" in doing...anything, really. Fuck getting out of bed in the morning runs the risk of stepping on your dog's tail and having him bite in you in the nuts. Making a simple cup of coffee runs the risk of spilling it on yourself causing 1st degree burns.

Are the risks low? Indeed. But they are still there.


I agreed with Jackattak. We know tobacco is horrible for us; we don't know if most legally purchased vaping juice is horrible, or just one of the average bad things we put in or on our body on a daily basis. I'll stick with vaping locally sourced juice with labeled ingredients for my nicotine fix. But I'll stick with smoking flower until this all blows over.