Why is anyone surprised that the police are in bed with the white supremacists? The cops ARE the white supremacists. They are the government sanctioned, taxpayer funded modern day lynch mob. Fuck them.


Wow Christina. Those sound like the sweeping generalizations of a rebelling-out 13 year old. Congrats!



Christina is correct. Hell, the force has a fucking nazi on it to this day.


Wow, @2, that sounds like the condescending, meaningless comeback of a senile 80-year-old. Salutations!


Hey Beans, who exactly has Patriot Prayer killed? You claim PP has killed 4 people, which is an outright lie, and I challenge you to provide one shred of evidence to support your lies. Race has exactly zero to do with any of this also. PP is not a white supremacy group. Joey is Japanese, for crying out loud. The mental gymnastics required to believe what you claim are astonishing. Yes, wheeler needs to go, as does the actual nazi cop. The rest of them need to be allowed to do their jobs and arrest antifa every time they break the law. THAT will do more to make Portland beautiful again than anything else they could do. It would end the violence for sure.


There are known neo-nazi groups courted by Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys. I was sceptical how bad these groups are at first but it is undeniable.
The last rally here was attended by known neo-nazi groups. They might be grown out their hair but the leader of "the league" has been a hardcore neo nazi for decades and brags about it. I grew up learning that you are defined by the people you surround yourself with. If you are marching with a Nazi, well then, you have no room to breathe in an argument about where your politics stand.
And, remember Charlottesville? These were proud little boys and "the league" and many other internet sewage runoff groups who visited here last weekend. "Not-sees" as the proudly ignorant rubes claim? Well, the rest of the world saw a match of neo-nazis larger than this country has seen in decades
If your group had any integrity they would have cancelled their rally on the anniversary of the Jeremy Christian murders. Instead you went forward, illustrating the sociopathic philosophy (whatever that is) of the gang you are affiliated with. And it is a gang. Nothing more.


8: It doesn't matter what Joey Gibson's ethnic/racial identity is-what matters is that he and his group identify with a fascist narrative: the myth that heterosexuals, evangelical "Christians" and those who identify as "patriots" have somehow been oppressed in this country, and that the only way that those groups can free themselves from oppression is to be able to intimidate everyone who isn't a heterosexual "Christian" "patriot" into either hiding from Patriot Prayer in mortal terror or leaving. It is all a despicable lie: Nobody in this country is persecuted for displaying evangelical Christian faith, or for displaying "patriotism", or for being heterosexual. And the ability of those who are not straight, white, "Christian" or "patriotic" to live their lives freely and on their own terms, and to walk through the streets of Portland and other towns without fear of intimidation or violence is not, in any sense, a threat to anyone who does fit Joey Gibson's spiteful, narrow-minded and paranoid definition of who counts as a "real American". If you don't like Antifa, you need to find some way of standing up to Patriot Prayer, and the "Proud Boys"(what the hell have they got to be proud OF, btw? Most are jobless thirty year-old virgins living on microwaved burritos in Mom's rec room)-get rid of the "fa", and there's no need for the Antifa.


Portland pigs always protect the nazis.

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