Iannarone Campaign Calls on Mayor Wheeler to Return Funds From Donor Involved in Trump Impeachment Inquiry



Sarah the Incoherent has been a basket of sour grapes ever since she came in third in the last mayoral election. She hires a disreputable campaign director (On September 24th 2011 McKelvey was arrested for fourth-degree assault, first-degree domestic kidnapping, strangulation and harassment after reportedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend in an Oregon State University residence hall.). Yep- Sarah I has not much to show for herself but a woo-woo PhD and a sketchy campaign manager. Her previous job was funded by big money developers and she shilled and baked cakes for them. So Wheeler's inability to forsee what would happen to Sondlund four years ago is not that big a "whoop."


In Ted Wheeler's Portland, "suggestions" from millionaires become policy, while ideas from outside his bunker are never heard.


I'm not super crazy about Sarah, but If these allegations are credible you can bite me, reverend of nothing.


Definitely a weird ask considering the history of her own campaign manager.


McKelvey and Iannarone .. nuff said!