Infuriating.... Jordan Schnitzer can just suck it sideways.

Funny how a yahoo who was born into money and spent his "career" contributing to creating the conditions of lack of affordable housing thinks he can dictate how this city should spend it's resources addressing the crisis.

"If someone in the next two weeks comes through with something I can sign," he said, "we [will] stop the demolition process and have it repurposed for the community."

Here's an idea Jordan. What safer place can there possibly be for you to store/display your family's vast collections of art than in a fucking prison? Seriously, how about you take your symphony out there as well. I'm pretty sure you and your fellow "addicts" won't be harassed one bit. Hell, maybe even Dayrl Turner can work valet!


Schnitzer is typically clueless, but his money and his building could be utilized, especially given the public investment in it, and the fact that neither politicians or advocates/organizers for the homeless can figure out how to make this space, sitting there empty and, with some modification, ready to serve dire needs is pathetically stupid.


Can the fixtures inside the complex be salvaged and reused?

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