TriMet to Add More Fare Inspectors—Because You're Supposedly Mad About People Not Paying Fares?



"... effectively criminalizing the poor, "

You do realize theft has been a crime for quite a while, right?


Theft is only a crime if you’re poor. In fact, most crimes are only crimes when you’re poor. Otherwise it’s just business.


Actually I'm not upset. Trimet should be free. Don't waste money on fare inspectors.


Are you all mentally disabled or something? Have you ever actually ridden the max? I've had my life threatened, I've witnessed fights, I've stopped a grown ass man from molesting a minor. 90% of the people on the train have simply just ignored these things, and pretend like they weren't even happening. Are you jackasses really okay with dealing with this every freakin day? You're just cool with stepping in human shit and puke on the train? You seriously want LESS enforcement?


If somebody can't afford the bus fare then they should ride for free. If a kid doesn't have lunch money, give him some food anyway. Ffs, quit quibbling about pennies for the needy while corporations are stealing billions...


"I've had my life threatened, I've witnessed fights, I've stopped a grown ass man from molesting a minor." Yes, welcome to life outside of your bubble. Also, the only "enforcement" we're getting is fare enforcement: TriMet isn't adding security, it isn't adding sanitation services. It's spending $250,000 a year to recoup $50,000. Don't fucking sit here bitching that the world is scary sometimes when the proposed solution in no way mitigates the problem. Jeremy Christian was caught evading fares on numerous occasions: Didn't stop him from committing the most heinous crime in TriMet history.


Just got back from Berlin. Incredible transit system, U-Bahn subway, S-Bahn light rail, streetcars. The fare collectors work on commission and are very efficient and polite. Also clean with well behaved riders. No obvious homeless campers. But I guess that means they are not “Free”. Nothing worse than personal responsibility.