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This Saturday, November 9, the Hollywood Theatre is screening director Greg Roman's Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy, a new documentary about the late rapper. Early word on the film is good, but then, it's a movie that's just about guaranteed to be interesting: Initially going by the name "Little Billy," Bushwick Bill first joined the Geto Boys as a dancer before grabbing the mic and becoming one of the group's key figures; later, the cover of the Geto Boys' best-known album, We Can't Be Stopped, is a photo of Bushwick Bill moments after he shot himself in the eye (later, he said he regretted the use of the image). Bushwick Bill died earlier this year, but not before having a major role in the making of the film, which features him telling his story—and, as the film's Indiegogo puts it, chronicles "the life of the gangsta rapper who happens to be a charming, hysterical 1-eyed dwarf." (One of Bushwick Bill's stipulations for the making of the film, Roman told Pitchfork, was an agreement that "basically says if I put something in there that could hurt him and is not true, there’s all kinds of crazy things he can do to me. If you know his lyrics, you can imagine some of what he listed.")

Roman will be in attendance at the Hollywood's screening, and we've got a pair of tickets to give away. To enter to win them, email me no later than 5 pm today (Tuesday, November 5) [UPDATE! The contest is now over! You probably lost. :( ] with the subject line "Bushwick." I'll pick a winner at random. And that's it! Have at.