Undocumented Oregonians Rally in Portland to Defend DACA



The Trump administration and the GOP willing to deport nearly one million people (who have lived here their entire lives and are contributing to our society) in the name of white supremacist terrorism and undoing every single thing President Barack Obama ever did is not just one of the stupidest and most hateful things they could do, it is something that will have a catastrophic effect on the socioeconomic reality of this country and international relations with all the world. It will also do nothing about the millions of undocumented workers in this country who work for Trump and all of the corporations in this country - exploiting the labor for maximum profit because they don't want to pay Americans to do the work (if they could find Americans willing to do the work). It is solely and explicitly an exercise in hate. If Trump's compromised SCOTUS allows this to happen, this country gets what it deserves and there will be a reckoning.