The NBA world lit up Thursday night with news that involuntarily dormant superstar Carmelo Anthony has finally found a home... with our own Portland Trail Blazers. He hasn't played for anyone since getting the axe from the Houston Rockets last November only ten games into the season. The knock on Anthony has been that he's too much of a big shot, unwilling to accept his declining abilities and is no longer the clutch player he once was. Portland tried to get him to come here back in 2017, but he opted for Oklahoma City, where his steady decline began. Signing 'Melo is a move of desperation by our home team, a Hail Mary if there ever was one, but it could pay off...

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Having spent an entire year contemplating the fact that no one wants him, one has to figure that Carmelo Anthony has had time to put his famously large ego in check. His contract with the Blazers is non-guaranteed, meaning he gets paid $14,490 a day until January 7, when he can either be cut, or officially added to the roster. It's essentially a tryout for the former superstar and he's going to have to accept a role coming off the bench.

Carmelo will join the team tomorrow for their six game road trip. The stage is set for what could be a fascinating storyline. The Blazers are in a hole this season, hobbled with injuries and new signings that simply haven't worked out. Damian Lillard is a legendary leader and if anyone can wrangle glory out of a disgruntled former star, it's him. Carmelo Anthony has been open about feeling slighted and wanting a chance to end his career on the right note. The 35-year-old hall of fame bound player just may have found the right spot. If this experiment fails, it could well signal the end of the Blazers relevancy this season, but oh, if it succeeds? What a great redemption tale it shall be. Keep an eye on Monday night's matchup in Houston, when 'Melo will have a chance to play against the very team that so cruelly cut him one year ago.