Who wants to date a thumb?


Why disparage the local restaurant where he happened to dine? Their food looks like regular restaurant food to me. Did this restaurant dis Portland Mercury in the past or something?


I am curious, is there some journalistic style guide thing that has physical sexual assaults described as "harassment" and "misconduct"? I can imagine there might be legal reasons, but it's euphemistic.


Wow, El Gaucho: Those guys own a really shitty brewery in Walla Walla. They took an old rail station near the highway, felt it needed more bros, opened a brewery and a bad, non-Gaucho steakhouse in it, and proceeded to fill it maybe two weekends a year: Grape harvest and Whitman graduation weekend. If you were to ask me where a bald, depressed, bitter hotelier would invite and sexually harass female peers, any of the Gaucho-owned properties would be a good bet.

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