Meanwhile in Michigan, Trump was talking about Tom Cruise and hot fighter pilots.
Meanwhile in Michigan, Trump was talking about Tom Cruise and hot fighter pilots. Scott Olson/Getty Images

On Wednesday night, while the House of Representatives was voting along party lines to impeach the President, the President himself was talking about Tom Cruise.

At a campaign rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, the President went, you could say, a little off-topic. At the moment he was being impeached, he was discussing fighter pilots and how handsome they are. "We have the F-35s. It's stealth. And, I was at one of the areas where they're displaying it, and I went up to the pilots, and, honestly, they're better-looking than Tom Cruise."

"These guys are so good looking, I said you could be a movie star, go to Hollywood," the President continued.

He also mocked the "fake news media," called a protester a "disgusting person" and a "slob," and insinuated that the late Rep. John Dingell Jr., who died this year after serving nearly 60 years in office, was in Hell. In other words, it was it was a typical Trump speech.

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He did not, however, entirely ignore what was going on in DC. “There’s no crime," he said. "I am the first person to ever get impeached and there is no crime. I feel guilty. You know what they call it? Impeachment light.” (No one, by the way, is saying this besides Donald Trump.)

While I do appreciate Trump's comfort in calling fighter pilots hot, in a pre-2017 world, a U.S. president spewing verbal diarrhea all over a stage would be a mark against his viability as a candidate. But we've entered the upside-down, where nothing Trump does seems to hurt him, possibly including being impeached. You can watch the entire speech here, but I would recommend taking a Xanax (or at least a bong hit) first.