Portland Has a New Police Chief. How Did That Happen So Quickly?



Because excellent police chief candidates from all over this great land are lining up IN DROVES to wear Tha Badge in Little Beirut, where right-wing fanatic Joey Gibson raises cash and gains a national reputation by trolling Portland's Antifa and friends.


And many locals lack critical thinking skills and are biased to believe the propaganda and lies issued by the fascistic self-designated "anti-fascists". Remember, if you are one of "Portland's Antifa" get your brownshirts out of the closet of your dorm room, mask up, and go break other peoples' property because you have something to say. You can figure out what that something is later.


A couple of early arrivals from the great New Years Day Oregonian nutjob diaspora.


I've been here a long time -- years -- and not on Oregonian comments at all. For the record, I'll state more clearly: PDX is negotiating a new police contract, so it is important that the top cop position is filed quickly, more speedily than a 'transparent" national search requires. Our plight is complicated by Joey Gibson's successful efforts to raise money and create national notoriety via brawls with willing antifa brawlers. #2, the Fascist Brownshirts to deplore are Gibson's supporters, not antifa. I accuse antifa of a lack of imagination, not fascism -- the fascists are the many Gipson supporters who cling to an angry, misogynistic "god," their guns, and the GOP.


So, what really bothers you is that people you disagree with have individual rights based on the 1st, 2nd Amendment and Article 20 and 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

But, yeah, sure, the other guys are the fascists.