Proud Boy "Tiny" Toese Pleads Guilty to 2018 Assault



Since residents of American Samoa have US nationality, but not citizenship, Toese should consider himself lucky his arrest did not happen in a county more likely to remand him to the custody of ICE.


I wonder how much leniency will be afforded to him the next time he kicks the shit out of someone. Because he absolutely will.


I really feel sorry for him and the handful of other POC who have fallen victim to the propaganda and religious cult.

History has a crazy way of repeating itself and if all you know is the bible, then you're going to have issues with reality.

He reminds of the Jews who worked for the Nazis during WWII in the Judenrat.

Totally brainwashed or were doing it for $$ and power. The right side of the brain has been completely severed in these individuals either by stress/trauma or forced learning. Their leader Joey Gibson is a prime example. There's a lot of established brain science behind this.

Their leaders and media attaches are making plenty of money from broadcasting their hate and violent activities.


3 Those are called "Republicans" now.