After Six Years of Reforms, Feds Say Portland Police Have Adequately Addressed Officers' Mistreatment of Mentally Ill



Last two paragraphs, coupled with the stat of 2019 being the year with the highest number of police-commited murders involving people with mental health issues since 2010 is basically all you need to read to know that Mayor/Police Commissioner Ted couldn't give a fuck less about tackling this issue, and our new police chief is ready to give her 110% to maintain the status quo she's been a part of in her long career with the PPB.

Another year of a "progressive" veneer hiding a corrupt leadership, murdering police force, and highlighting just how plastic and rigid New Portland is and will remain to be. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


really, who are they kidding?


I work in direct contact with mentally ill people who come in contact with police. (How many of you can say that?) and you know what? Being mentally ill is not some free pass to excuse CRIMINAL behavior that threatens and victimizes an unsuspecting public. Of course vast improvements to how we treat mentally ill people are needed- namely we need more court ordered forced medication management and treatments. But blankety villainizing the police is the naive, clueless persons response to a situation they know little of and can’t possibly understand well enough to have an informed opinion.


This settlement was a farce from the beginning; Portland ignored its own advisory committee and selected out of state academics to manage this process. The PPD didn't need technocrats tweaking the rules (as evidenced by the ongoing police killings of mentally ill people). But the city took the easy way out, rather than the hard work of fixing a broken criminal justice system.