Coming at you this Thursday, February 6—it's a special Valentines-themed edition of the I, Anonymous Show! As you know, the Mercury's famous I, Anonymous column and blog is the best place in the world for you to unload your most pressing rants and confessions anonymously. But the I, Anonymous Show does this one better, by reading the wildest and weirdest I, Anonymous submissions live and on stage, which are then dissected by a panel of top-notch comedians (just in case you needed even more fun).

And get ready to get excited, because this edition of the I, Anonymous Show is a pre-Valentines "all sex and relationship-based" show, where host Kate Murphy (a 2018 Mercury Genius of Comedy) will read the blog's craziest submissions all about relationships that have gone terribly (and hilariously) wrong.

And the news gets better, because Kate will be joined by a crackerjack panel of comedians who know a thing or two about wrecking relationships, including the oh-so-funny Ben Harkins, Kirsten Kuppenbender, and from the All Fantasy Everything podcast, Sean Jordan!

So don't miss Portland's funniest night of comedy, the I, Anonymous Show: This Thursday, February 6, 7:30 pm, Curious Comedy Theater, tickets only $10 at!

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