Fed Up with Liberals, an Oregon Group Is Petitioning to Join Idaho (Poor Idaho!)



I'm sure Idaho would LOVE to acquire the Mississippi of the Northwest, along with the tab for a few hundred thousand new food stamp and Medicaid enrollees and dozens of mothballed police stations, schools and libraries. Please accept Oregon's generous gift!


So we'd get rid of the uneducated rightwing nut-jobs and mouth-breathing bigots, but keep the economic power of the Willamette Valley, and the nicer parts of the Coast?

What did Idaho do to deserve that?

Oh well... Bye, Felicia!


Seriously, why would Idaho agree to this? And wouldn't it simply be easier to fucking MOVE TO IDAHO if you don't like Oregon? Just when I think I've heard the stupidest thing ever, a new contender pops up.


Oregoon: The southern Oregon coast is the best part of the coast. Cape Arago and Shore Acres State Park are majestic and Bandon has the best stretch of beach in the state.

Note that the petitioners also want a chunk of California, which just seems greedy to me.

Nonetheless, I support this move, as long as Idaho takes over all the non-liberal parts of the west. Combine Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas into one mega-Idaho. And then give them two Senators combined, cut their members of Congress to 18 and cut their number of electoral college votes to 21. They'd still only be the 7th most populous state in the union, so that seems fair.


A. More than half of Oregonians would still be Oregonians, lets stop playing in to this idea that land area is the best way to measure the size of something.

B. Good riddance, the counties in the leave basket do nothing but suck money away from the rest of the state, if Idaho wants to take on supporting them financially the rest of us would be better off just letting them go.


Greater Idaho.

Somehow I don't think that's going to replace 'famous potatoes' any time soon.


Albert has an excellent point about Cape Arago and points south. I say we hang on to it, and in addition to the states he outlined, throw in a truckload of Coor's Light.