If you haven't heard, The Aces are Portland's best and funniest sketch comedy duo HANDS DOWN. Featuring the Siren Theater's Shelley McLendon and Michael Fetters, the Aces continually produce the most hilarious and (weirdly) thoughtful comedy in town. For example, last year's show, The Aces: State Fair, was a brilliant and loving display that featured dancing parking attendants, old-timey carnival rides, lonely political wives, and "the world's largest buffalo." All soundtracked by Boston! It was super great. That's why you should definitely see their newest production, The Aces: Ghost Town, which will surely have a Wild West vibe, and as we've all come to expect, pitch-perfect animal impersonations.

Need more convincing? Here's what our arts editor Suzette Smith wrote about the Aces in the current edition of the Mercury:

A full show is my ideal way for people to see the Aces—as opposed to catching them at festivals or “Best Of” nights where they might only get to do one skit. There’s a building, rolling humor to their writing, which circles back and pumps up old jokes, adding layers and calling in old references. Ghost Town is set to dip back and forth between a small dusty town’s booming past and its abandoned present. I’m excited to see where the Aces will take us.

There are only three weekends left so get your tickets now and here! It all goes down on Fridays & Saturdays at 8 pm, now through March 7 at the Siren Theater (315 NW Davis).

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