Patriot Prayer's Joey Gibson Wants to Move Upcoming Criminal Trial Out of Multnomah County



Nope. Everyone should have to face the people in the community where they commit the crime. Don''t want to be tried in Multnomah County? Stay in your backwoods WA town. Enjoy prison!!!!


Too late, Joey. We asked you to stay away. Now you're stuck with us.


Waaaaaaaaaah I can't believe everyone is so mean to me in Multnomah County where I commute to from Vancouver to harass them whenever I'm not getting enough attentionnnn, UNFAIR


So, Joey's fine goose-stepping around Multnomah County. He's fine antagonizing people in Multnomah County and stepping across police lines to do so. He's fine recruiting videographers from Multnomah County to join him and his white nationalist friends as they besiege a cidery and concuss patrons. But having to pay the price for all of that in Multnomah County? Too beaucoup. All right, Joey Peepants, good luck to you and your bovine attorney.


I think Doug Fer covered my thoughts pretty well but anyway...Little Joey Gibson of the Proud Boys Club. You have the audacity to leave your state and come to my town to spread you garbage and hate because no one will listen to you where you live. You tear it up here, you bring all kinds of negative attention the town I love. You disturb the peace. You get busted. And don't want to have your trial here? You little cuck, you should have stayed in Clark County where you belong. I hope you get the full sentence that you deserve and then never come back to Oregon you little piece of Joey shit.


Seems like a smart move on the lawyer's part. Probably won't get it, but I don't blame them for trying.