Portland Parks Employee Under Investigation for Harassing Commissioner Hardesty



Dude can't hold office at a Legion hall for a month: How has he held this parks job for so long?!


Fire that fucking bigot.


This is slanderous and full of lies. And for the record the cameras are never off. We have video of this demonstration against Antifa from beginning to end. The situation with Hardesty was a shame. Many of us tried to get that homeless asshole "Pork Chop" to shut up and let her finish her conversation with Haley. But what any of that has to do with Gregg is beyond me.


Brandon, you aren't a journalist. This just proves it. Greg's presence at this event violates the Objectivity subsection of the city's Code of Ethics, as does him standing by while others shout at the councilwoman to resign as she tries to do what the group claimed it wanted: Have a reasonable, level discussion. But we should've known that was off the table when LaDon assaulted a dead man's mother. "Homeless asshole"... go pack boxes for Amazon.


why is any of this worthy of a news article?


@5 Someone paid with tax dollars harassed a public official during his free time. That's why.


Why would Hardesty lower herself to debate with cultists?


If this is all we have to report on in Portland, the dream of the 90s is truly over. Thanks Fred and Carrie! Love what you’ve done with the place!


So that's what Patriot Prayer is going with? "How is this news?" This is like the time Joey said race didn't matter and then used about nine different adjectives to describe Andy Ngo in post-milkshake conversations. The Christian verdict really has you guys shook. This is a whole new level of putz, even for you.


False claims. Poor journalism. Please do sue for Slander.


Making statements insinuating he's a racist while publishing his name, picture and place of employment. Wouldn't you guess that this headline statement could easily cause injury to him. Defiantly, Sue for defamation.


@11 Oh and tell Haley, Katie, LaDon, Alyssa, and the rest of the Mentally Unsound Cheerleading Squad to go fuck themselves as well. At some point, all of this is coming for them and their team of videographers, too.


Its Ron Swanson! I love it when right wingers suck on the teet of the public trough.


Yeah someone who is racist and has a HISTORY of making POC uncomfortable shouldn't have a job in public service.


@13 "At some point, all of this is coming for them and their team of videographers, too."

But hey, the other guys are the real fascists, right?


You and the local fish wrapper Mercury create local anti-heros like Greg and others. You build them up and create a following for them. If y'all would have just ignored them and let them have their little rally, they would have gotten bored with it and they would have just gone home to maybe, feed the local street people, or play some online video games. But no. You show up to their events and flood them with attention, give them free talent, free content for their YouTube videos to share with others around the globe who sympathize with them. You're the "dum-dum". Keep building these guys up and make them stars!


@16 Yes, because "real journalists" punch teenagers in public, start fights at their critics' homes, serve as witting accomplices in riots, and, my personal favorite, taunt opponents and then run behind police lines before and wonder why they got arrested for that. But yeah... fascists and stuff.


"they would have gotten bored with it and they would have just gone home to maybe, feed the local street people, or play some online video games. " They've never done any of the above. One of them would yell racial slurs, the other would put up Nazi shitposts, another would claim someone's stalking them before punching a completely different person in the ear, yet another would try to have a "real debate" about the holocaust, and at least one of them would suspend a political campaign in which they were polling at 0.05% of the vote.

No, the Mercury doesn't make them look like "anti-heroes": It makes them look like a danger to the community at best and folks with undiagnosed and untreated mental illness at worst. Also, nobody but them -- and likely you -- shows up to their events.


Hey, look at that, suddenly there's an item on Council agenda for Wednesday 3/4 to extend definition of the "Workplace" to mean anything you do anywhere at anytime if it makes a coworker feel like you are being disrespectful of their protected characteristic. How very Orwellian Portland


"harassing Hardesty"
Translation: disagreeing with her while white


@21 Greg, just wear grandpa's Klan robes already, willya?


@20 Public servants represent their "workplace" -- the city, state or country they work for -- whether they're on or off the clock. Politicians who get DUIs, cops who get into fights while off duty... their actions reflect on those they represent as much as they reflect on the individual. It isn't "Orwellian," it's a longstanding fact that the Council's definition of "workplace" is just catching up to.

P.S. Greggy was in a park when he was doing all of this. He works for the parks department. That is his "workplace," and it isn't the public's fault that his dumb ass couldn't put those two together.


@23 - The City must respect the First Amendment rights of its employees. City employees are allowed to hold unpopular opinions. This last minute attempt to sneak through HR policy changes in order to "get" one guy just makes his inevitable wrongful termination suit more persuasive. Not to mention: it's absolutely Orwellian and out of bounds, any such restriction must be written as narrowly as possible to protect whatever the city claims its interest is while protecting free, if distasteful, speech. You like it now because you dislike his views. But remember source of income is protected, so any city employees supporting anti-police groups like BLM or auntie Fay, are subject to the same policy. Veteran status is protected, so any city employee supporting anti-Military groups or actions are subject to the same policy. Etc etc
You don't get to regulate speech based on content Portland.