Since Republicans have walked out and yet again refuse to do their jobs, why don't we simply give them what they want and not allow them back in? You walked out, you abdicated your job, you don't get to have a tantrum and come back when you feel like it. I mean why do we allow the GOP to behave like toddlers when we all know if the situation was reversed they would be crying and screaming and wailing that Democrats are babies and are not doing their jobs. Why is Oregon putting up with this shit? ANYONE ELSE IN THIS SOCIETY WOULD BE FIRED IF THEY BEHAVED THIS WAY. CUT THEM LOOSE. THEY DON'T WANT THEIR JOBS, FUCK THEM. CHANGE THE LOCKS AND SHUT THEM OUT PERMANENTLY so the rest of us can move forward. And while they're at it, the can take the contingent in this state that wants to secede. Good riddance to all! And they have the nerve to call liberals snowflakes.


This article has a pretty good explanation. Our state constitution has a stupid provision that requires a 2/3rds quorum rather than just a simple majority, so, unfortunately, the Republicans can legally hold the legislature hostage. We'd need to change the constitution -- and we should.

Article from Vox:

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