Commissioner Eudaly Joins Portland Unions in Calling for Eviction Freeze



Exactly! If you are unable tip pay because of the pandemic absolutely you should be given a few months to live until things settle down. Then when the economy gets going again and you get your job back you can add a few hundred to your rent to cover the bank rent.
Also the city should stop charging owners of apartments any interest on the annual taxes as the owners need to pay those poor of the rent they receive.
Also tell the water bureau to give the owners a break on the water bill as well.

Fair is fair. Not all landlords are trump rich. They really upon the monthly cash flow to pay the bills.
If Chloe was a property owner she would know that.

Now if you are behind in your rent for Jan, Dec, or Feb then no, landlords should be able to evict them. It is called being responsible for yourself to fulfill the contract you signed.