Portland's Small-scale Landlords Brace for Delayed Rent Payments



It seems like no one is willing to address the elephant in the room which is property taxes and utilities, most of which are owned by the county. They could both be abolished by the same people who are pushing for "a moratorium and forgiveness of residential rent and mortgage payments" until this situation is over. That way when you tell the tenant he doesn't have to pay it does not cause hardship for another group. This stinks of a discriminatory situation that takes from one person for the benefit of another.


Maybe instead of fighting your renters because you feel entitled to the fruits of their labor (money) for completely passive income (rent) to pay your bills and lifestyle, you join us and demand rent/mortgage amnesty and strike en mass till it happens...

Or you could just continue to scream “I’m entitled to your money” even when there is none and then sink lower into poverty with us as the trickle down fails and the American people support a trillion dollar bail out to the rich.


My west hills landlords roll up to our place in BMW's and tried to send us an e-mail saying they are in the same boat as us despite the fact that this house has been paid off since the 80s?? And they're saying our water bill is not part of the rent forebearance and we'll need to come up with the money for that too. Meanwhile I'm over here with about $400 to my name unsure of when I'll be getting unemployment checks and expecting about a 1/4 of what I have left to go to this water bill and hoping the rest will cover my other bills and pay for my food until we start getting checks and food stamps?? I have been to their rich house when we signed our lease and I am disgusted. I understand that life is not fair and bills have to be paid but saying them saying they're in the same position as us is incredibly blind sighted and arrogant.