And now, an important PSA from Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
And now, an important PSA from Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Twitter Screen Shot

I'LL BE HONEST: Thanks to Bernie Sanders ducking out of the presidential race today, there wasn't a lot of comedy on Twitter. (Man, those Bernie bros just keep on giving, don't they?) HOWEVER! This gives the MERCURY CHEER UP CLUB a great opportunity for to combine our usual pile of internet laughs with CUTE ANIMALS—which you also desperately need these days! SO LET'S GET BUSY.

Today in "Let's see what Steve and Brad are up to" news:

Today in "Don't annoy the Reaper" news:

Today in "It's easy to exercise at home... you just have to be creative" news:

Today in "Well... somebody's got to teach the kid" news:

Today in "Important Julia Louis-Dreyfus news" news:

Today in "I've found the subject for Edvard Munch's next painting" news:

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Today in "This makes me want to watch local news again" news:

And finally, today in "I wish every baseball game was like this" news:

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