And now, an important PSA from Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
And now, an important PSA from Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Twitter Screen Shot

I'LL BE HONEST: Thanks to Bernie Sanders ducking out of the presidential race today, there wasn't a lot of comedy on Twitter. (Man, those Bernie bros just keep on giving, don't they?) HOWEVER! This gives the MERCURY CHEER UP CLUB a great opportunity for to combine our usual pile of internet laughs with CUTE ANIMALSโ€”which you also desperately need these days! SO LET'S GET BUSY.

Today in "Let's see what Steve and Brad are up to" news:

Today in "Don't annoy the Reaper" news:

Today in "It's easy to exercise at home... you just have to be creative" news:

Today in "Well... somebody's got to teach the kid" news:

Today in "Important Julia Louis-Dreyfus news" news:

Today in "I've found the subject for Edvard Munch's next painting" news:

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Today in "This makes me want to watch local news again" news:

And finally, today in "I wish every baseball game was like this" news:

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