Get ready for Americas favorite new drinking game.
Get ready for America's favorite new drinking game. Twitter Screen Shot

Happy Monday, everybody! (Right... there is no such thing.) However, the Mercury Cheer Up Club—featuring the biggest lineup of laughs from the internet—is an ACTUAL REAL THING. So why not have some laughs to end your day in a positive way? LET'S DO THIS!


First, and as we all know, federal law dictates that "every American must provide ONE TikTok-style dance" in order to be eligible for relief funding. So here's one I did this weekend.

Today in "Sad Roshambo" news:

Today in "I'm so desperate for human interaction, I'd even accept a San Francisco party" news:

Today in "Whenever he gets it in the cup, I drink" news:

Today in "I otter not have another drink" news:

Today in "Planet of the Apes (and Seals) (and Anteaters)" news:

Today in "SQUEEEEEE! BRIAN McKNIGHT!!!" news:

And finally, today in "Easter porn" news: