Today theme is Dogs and Sports that are Better Than Sports
Today theme is "Dogs and Sports that are Better Than Sports" Twitter Screen Shot

"GOOD GOD IT'S ONLY TUESDAY??? Okay, fine. Well, the least the Mercury can do is provide us with at least eight funny things they found on the internet today, and... wait. What? IT'S HERE??? YAAAAAAY, IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE, THE MERCURY CHEER UP CLUB IS HERRRRRRRRRRE!"

Today in "No sport is better than this" news:

Today in "Taste the Rainbow" news:

Today in "Fly the friendly skies" news:

Today in "Wanna play frisbee next?" news:

Today in "That reminds me... get teeth whitener at the store" news:

Today in "Actually, that explains a lot" news:

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Today in "I guess the WWE is an essential sport" news:

And finally, today in "the internet doesn't get any better than this" news:

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