Pizza Groundhog doesnt have the same ring as Pizza Rat... but Ill take it.
"Pizza Groundhog" doesn't have the same ring as "Pizza Rat"... but I'll take it.

Happy Thursday to everyone who still believes in Thursdays! Here's your daily roundup of funny, sometimes sweet stuff from the internet designed to turn that frown upside-down. It's the Mercury Cheer Up Club: LET'S FEEL BETTER, STAT!

Today in "This is a very good question" news:

Today in "Find some people who love you like these cows love this cat" news:

Today in "If all ostriches sound like this, I'm buying an ostrich" news:

Today in "This is exactly how I sound at 2 am after five shots" news:

Today in "Everyone should own this library" news:

Today in "Why bring back sports when we have this?" news:

Today in "This dog knows who's boss" news:

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And finally, today in "If the internet has done nothing else, it's produced this work of art" news:

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