SPLIFF Film Fest
If you've never experienced the mind-altering fun of SPLIFF (from the crazy, creative minds behind HUMP! and SLAY) you are in for such a treat. This year you can expect 22 brand new wildly entertaining weed-inspired shorts (all 4:20 or less... of course) featuring funny psychedelic trip-outs, stoned flying cats, side-splitting animation, aggressive dolphins, sexy shenanigans, wandering potatoes, and... dancing Burger Kings? SURE, WHY NOT? Trust us, you've never experienced anything like SPLIFF before. Even better? Each of these limited, special online screenings of SPLIFF 2020 will be hosted LIVE by the fantastical, divine talents of Seattle drag queen duo BETTY WETTER and COOKIE COUTURE! Tell your friends, get baked, and share the glory of SPLIFF 2020 from the comfort of your individual couches!
(Mon April 20, 7 pm, $15-25)

The Cupcake Experience
Sure, your adventures with cannabis could start and stop with "get high. stare at wall." But why settle for such mundane experiences, when you could be surrounded by good people, listening to great music, and learning how to make delicious food? Jody Hall from Cupcake Royale, Greg Lundgren from Museum of Museums, and Lo Friesen from Heylo Cannabis are all coming together for this livestream that will teach you how to de-carb your cannabis, infuse it into butter, and then use that butter to bake, and then get baked.
(Mon April 20, 4:15 pm, $10-20)

The 420 Portland Smoke Out
Oregon's Finest is doing their part to share in the cannabis celebrations popping off all over the world today, with "The 420 Portland Smokeout," a livestream event that they promise will be a historical moment: The first-ever livestreamed smoke sesh on 4/20 in Portland, starting at 4pm with Oregon's Finest budtenders helping you with some rolling, prepping, and best of all—prizes! And, it's free to attend through Zoom!
(Mon April 20, 4 pm, Zoom, free)

Come and Toke It with Willie Nelson
At 4:20 (CST, not PST, but hey, it's always 4:20 somewhere, right? Looking at this roundup, it's 4:20 every second of every minute, really.) on 4/20 Luck and Willie's Reserve present this four-hour-and-twenty-minute livestream starring Willie Nelson himself, who recently retired from performing so its kind of a pretty damn big deal that he's headlining this virtual festival featuring "artists, chefs, comedians, and educators" teaching, toking, and turning up for a full day's worth of canna-fueled fun, all livestreamed through both Twitch and Facebook. Proceeds benefit The Last Prisoner Project, focused on freeing people unjustly convicted and incarcerated for selling a product deemed "an essential service" in 2020.
(Mon, April 20, 2:20pm, free)

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Higher Together: Sessions From Home
One more toke for the road: If any of the above weed-focused celebrations isn't quite hitting the spot, or (and most likely) you're feeling like you need to indulge even more than you already have on this highest of holidays, then the Smoker's Club and Weedmaps are looking to blow out 4/20 in crazy livestreamed style with a party they're calling "The World's Biggest Virtual 420 Celebration," including a DJ set and smoke session with Wiz Khalifa, an acoustic set and video premiere from Billy Ray Cyrus, Berner doing a $5000 merch giveaway, comedy from Joey "Coco" Diaz, and appearances from Cam'ron, Dave East, Stephen Marley, Tycho, Alchemist, and many, many more.
(Mon, April 20, 12pm, free)

As we mentioned earlier, Willie Nelson's big 4/20 celebration is a benefit for a program trying to get a lot of unjustly imprisoned people freed now that cannabis is legal and essential to quarantine living. And yet for decades, selling this essential product came with a prominent risk of arrest and long-term imprisonment. You probably have a pretty decent idea of just how broken America's justice system is, but the particulars of how unjust it is, and how disproportionate an effect it's had on multiple generations of Black Americans, is made crystal clear by Ava DuVernay's award-winning documentary 13th. Yes, 4/20 is normally a day for not having to think too deeply about anything and just having some laid-back fun, but it can (and should) also be a day where you educate yourself on the exorbitant price paid by people who never deserved this treatment, from a country who cares more about criminalizing its people than caring for them.
(Now Streaming, Netflix, $8.99 per month, free trial here)

Bob Marley: Rasta Vigilante
It might be technically, morally, and metaphysically impossible to engage in 4/20 festivities and not have Bob Marley involved in some way, but while many will just put Exodus on loop and leave it at that, why not also dig into this early episode from the Disgraceland podcast, which covers the well-known anecdote about how Bob Marley barely survived a home invasion, and covers the less well-known mystery surrounding every one of those gunmen meeting violent ends at the rumored hands of a Trenchtown legend named "Screwface," a man some believed to be...