Small Child Tragically Buried Alive in Puppy-lanche.
Small Child Tragically Buried Alive in "Puppy-lanche." Twitter Screen Shot

Dear Your Butt: Are you SAD? Do you need some help cheering up? Well, your butt: Have we got the thing for you! It's the Mercury Cheer Up Club featuring the funniest things from today's internet! No... no need to thank us, your butt! (In fact, the less you say, the better.)

Today in "Just your average dog on the ones-and-twos" news:

Today in "The Sex and the City remake I'm here for" news:

Today in "Forget the stimulus check... send baby goats" news:

Today in "Our essential workers need federally mandated naps" news:

Today in "...the horror... THE HORROR...." news:

Today in "SPORTS? I no longer need your stupid, old-timey stadium SPORTS" news:

Today in "Hair stylists who have something that's worth staying home for" news:

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And finally, today in "And the Academy Award for 'Best TikTok Horror Movie' goes to...." news:

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