Multnomah County GOP Accuses Gov. Brown of "Tyranny" for COVID-19 Closures



Why do these Republicans insist on acting like Democrats are the fascists supporting tyranny? Trump is a fascist who believes he is a king. Keeping things shut down is saving lives. What do they REALLY believe will happen if everything is suddenly open for business? People have had huge financial losses. They do not have money to spend. And when huge numbers of people get sick and start dying because everything is open for business, what will that do?

Overwhelming the already strained health care resources (which are inadequate thanks to Trump hoarding supplies and refusing to give states what they need) and making people sick and killing them is psychotic. Sick and dead people can't work, can't spend money, and will not boost the economy in any way.

I am sick of the death cult. They all need to gather in one of the reddest states there is and form their own open society and see how long they last. They can be the petri dish. In fact, the states like Georgia that are opening up this week or the next, by June will be the litmus test for how many sick and dead are acceptable. Why do they believe killing off their entire base will enable them to remain in power? People they forced to vote in Wisconsin are sick. In two weeks all of the protesters they goaded into gathering around the country will be sick. All of the morons who flocked to the Florida beaches will be sick. Viruses do not care what your political affiliation is, but the GOP sure seems hell bent on making sure they kill as many of their own as possible. Why on earth would people in this states be willing to die for these people when they do not care about them AT ALL???


"The document accuses Brown of prioritizing human life over economic stability."

That says it all right there.


Gee, I wonder why Oregon Republicans can never get anybody to vote for them... a real puzzler, innit?


Amazing that a guy who chooses to represent a fuckstick from Battle Ground, Washington, who marched into Portland, besieged a cidery, and led an assault on its customers would care more about money than human life.


Don't forget that this lockdown is killing droves of people from the 3rd world by starvation. Yeah, look it up. Last year the flu killed 80,000 people. Time to get brave and get back to work.


"We don’t put 5 mph speed limits on every road in Oregon because it would reduce traffic deaths," said James Buchal, chair of the Multnomah County Republican Party. " Well my math challenged pal, we might reduce the speed limit to 5 if each car crash caused five other car crashes, leading to exponential increases of car crashes. What's up with the Republican party and math?


@5 We'll be at 80,000 dead by June, shitbreak. You wanna be brave? Go open a lemonade stand, tough guy. I'll be the first to sneeze in your pitcher.


Oregon GOP is a joke. Let them drink bleach.