What do you mean, Its a little early for a drink? ... IM A FISH!!
"What do you mean, 'It's a little early for a drink'? ... I'M A FISH!!"

IT'S THURRRRRRSDAY. Which is the new post-apocalyptic way of saying "Thursday." And that means it's time to power through the end of the week with some help from the Mercury Cheer Up Club, bringing you the biggest laughs from today on the internet! THURRRRRRSDAY.

Today in "And the award for 'Best Action Movie' goes to..." news:

Today in "Okay, now do The Little Mermaid!" news:

Today in "Important Clay Aiken news" news:

Today in "Okay, this is the weirdest porn I've ever seen" news:

Today in "No... THIS is the weirdest porn I've ever seen" news:

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And finally, today in "For the sequel, do it with a hot slice of pizza!" news:

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