The Force is with Lieutenant Dangle.
The Force is with Lieutenant Dangle. Twitter Screen Shot

OKAY IT'S A NEW WEEK. And if you want to kick yours off in a more positive way, check out the Mercury Cheer Up Club, which has a bunch'a big-time laughs culled from the internet that are guaranteed to make you smile! LAUGHS: ACTIVATE!

Today in "At least he washed his paws first" news:

Today in "Not a joke... just REALLY GOOD NEWS" news:

Today in "Actually, scratch that... Lt. Dangle for Joe Exotic!" news:

Today in "Best May 4th puns" news:

Today in "Me... after the last time I passed out on the sidewalk" news:

Today in "Classical remixes of Brandy & Monica songs" news:

Today in "Refrigerator relationship goals" news:

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And finally, today in "HERO!" news:

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