Stories From Five Portlanders Who’ve Been Waiting On Oregon Unemployment Benefits Since March



They (and I mean the government in general, especially the federal government) is making it has hard as possible for people to get what was promised to them through the CARES Act. Meanwhile, all of the corporations have filled their pockets with the the TRILLION dollars stolen by Congress to be doled out with no oversight.

Oregon is failing its residents. Oregon needs to do better. Oregon is not the only one. I have heard from friends on both coasts how they are not able to get through to the UI office of their state and how they have not yet received benefits. One of the worst states is NJ, since it's system is apparently from the early half of the century, still. Another friend was denied benefits outright by the state of WA because his driver's license is expired (never mind that he has other forms of ID, they want a current driver's license, and the DMV in WA where he lives is closed). That's his story anyway (seems odd to me, but what do I know). I don't remember having to provide a driver's license to the UI office when I collected unemployment in WA, but that was right after 9/11, so maybe things were different then.

This is what happens when government is starved. This is what happens when government is deemed unreilable and destroyed on purpose. When the time comes, people experience this BS and all of the people in power for the last x # of decades who have done nothing but work to destroy the government say "see, we told you so!" The same is happening to anyone needing to deal with the Social Security Administration right now. The wealthy have taken every cent they possible can from the government to make it as inefficient as possible for the people. Now it's being laid bare, the damage done. If there's a country left to fix when this is all over, will the people demand that it be fixed? Will they vote out all of the people who have allowed this damage and start new?


I love how the system is so scary efficient to mail you a denial letter within days of claiming a week of benefits, but your waiting several weeks to hear anything if you’re even able to get through. I would like to see a very loud protest organized. I’ve gotten through to a claims specialist 3 times and it was the same person each time. It makes me wonder how effectively they are really expanding staff and dispersing responsibility. Anyway, I’ve been on hold for two hours... 30 more minutes and I get booted off. PROTEST!


36% of claims are still waiting. What a nightmare!!!

My wife filed with the first wave after the Chiropractor she worked for since 2016 decided to close up. Everyone knows the guy is loaded, but he laid everyone off with ZERO severance and took two weeks to get everyone their last paychecks. What a spineless douche.

Luckily, she was able to file, qualify, and started receiving checks two weeks later.

I'd like to see some heads roll at the State level for sitting on their hands and on the money to upgrade the system. Pathetic!!


Why is the beer salesman (Dylan singleton) calling 13000 times a day? He got a letter saying he was approved!! It's a waiting game. My checks took over a month to arrive.


Time to clean house in the Department of Employment. Fire the managers for gross negligence.