New from Climate Change Industries... its TORNADO IN A GLASS!
New from Climate Change Industries... it's "TORNADO IN A GLASS!" Twitter Screen Shot

Well, that was a Tuesday, alright! If you're ready to shake the blues off the day, have we got the cure for you: It's the Mercury Cheer Up Club, featuring the gut-bustingest (not a word) laughs from the internet! LET'S GET HAPPIER!

Today in "Old-timey kids driving futuristic machines through horse poop" news:

Today in "Broke and have NEEDS" news:

Today in "Sweet science pranks" news:

Today in "Somebody needs to inform this golfer that he's in TURKEYVILLE" news:

Today in "Who needs basketball?" news:

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Today in "BRANDY-UH!" news:

And finally, today in "Not all heroes wear Speedos... but some of these do" news:

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