When it comes to dinner, this dog has a lot of needs.
When it comes to dinner, this dog has a lot of "needs." Twitter Screen Shot

Okay, Thursday! Your attempts to bring me down may have succeeded this time... but unfortunately for YOU, the Mercury Cheer Up Club is riding to the rescue with a bunch of good belly laughs that will ruin your despicable plan! TAKE THAT, THURSDAY!

Today in "High school football is BACK, bay-bee" news:

Today in "Life is a teacup ride" news:

Today in "Wait... I mean, that's cute and all, but dogs can swim, right?" news:

Today in "Finally, a cocktail class for moderate drinkers like me" news:

Today in "I need these guys to soundtrack my life" news:

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Today in "This is what you get for not social distancing" news:

And finally, today in "This dog is being allowed too much input" news:

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