TEAM! Remember when we announced the Confinement (online) Film Festival (AKA CoFF) and asked you to send in your short homemade movies about being stuck indoors and social distancing? Well, you really delivered! And even though you still have until this Friday May 15 to turn in your submission for CoFF, we now have an opening day for the festival! That's right: CoFF will be streaming into your homes on FRIDAY MAY 22 & FRIDAY MAY 30 at 8 pm... AND YOU CAN GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AND HERE!

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For those just joining us, the Confinement (online) Film Festival is dedicated to everyone surviving (and occasionally even thriving) in our current COVID crisis. Artists, filmmakers (and non-filmmakers), parents, teachers, and other creators were invited to grab their smart phones and submit short films—5-minute maximum length—for this one-of-a-kind festival. Funny films, sad shorts, first responder documentaries, anxiety spirals (think Trader Joe’s meets Walking Dead), video mishaps, homeschooling horrors, pot-influenced journeys, films about being trapped with an ex (or in-law)—you'll see all these things and more at CoFF! And yes... the winners WILL get prizes!

Trust me, creativity is at an all time high right now—so I can guarantee that the Confinement (online) Film Festival is going to be one hell of a fun rollercoaster ride! So what are you waiting for? If you haven't finished your submission, hurry up... because the deadline is this Friday May 15! And get those tickets NOW for CoFF—streaming live into your home on FRIDAY MAY 22 & 30!