Dish Towel Dad has some bad news about your hamster.
"Dish Towel Dad" has some bad news about your hamster. Twitter Screen Shot

It's TUESDAY! And if you're struggling to keep a smile on your face, get ready for a blast of laughs courtesy of the Mercury Cheer Up Club—featuring the best yuks from the internet today! (I realize that "yuks" is a disgusting word.) LET'S DO THIS!

Today in "A dramatic recreation of your morning mood" news:

Today in "Speed traps gone wrong" news:

Today in "Obamagate explained" news:

Today in "Twilight chuckles" news:

Today in "I can see this sport replacing baseball" news:

Today in "Dish towel dads are underrated" news:

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And finally, "I TOLD you people that babies would eventually steal our jobs!" news:

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