Federal Judge Sides with Portland Police in Fatal Shooting of John Elifritz



Shocking given he was white, however, apparently cops kill black people and mentally ill people in equal measure.


Sounds correct. Basically comes down to two things [1] can the police safely walk away? Attempted carjacking and threats of physical violence to others... answer no.
[2] Are the police over reacting to threat to themselves or others? Wanted for a violent felony, threatened others, presently armed, less lethal force ineffective in bringing situation under control, moving to confront police or others... answer no.


Looks like the ex and her crotch-dropping won't be getting their payday.


1 - ridiculous comment. The police couldn't just leave him in there to calm down on his own because there were several other civilians in the room. Second, they tried non-lethal force, and third, he charged them with a knife. Open and shut case. The video is out there for all to see. If anything, I would blame the people who stayed in the room meandering around near the guy. If they weren't present, a totally different response could have been undertaken.