The best song about Bubble Tea you will ever hear.
The best song about Bubble Tea you will ever hear. Twitter Screen Shot

Okay, Thursday! I will admit you were successful in pushing me into an emotional tub of donkey plop and rusty razor blades. However, that's all gonna change now... thanks to the Mercury Cheer Up Club who's here with a lot of laughs from the internet! (As well as some wet wipes and bandages, which was also helpful.) LET'S GO GO GO!

Today in "I will continue sharing Sarah Cooper's Trump lip synchs until the day I die, FIGHT ME" news:

Today in "Karen montage" news:

Today in "I know NOTHING about the Avatar cartoon, and I still think this is hilarious" news:

Today in "This is how I go into the weekend" news:

Today in "Remind me again... why do we need the actual movie?" news:

Today in "So how long did it take to build Rome?" news?

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And finally, today in "The only Boba Tea song you'll ever need" news:

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