We at HUMP! were crushed to cancel our originally planned Spring re-screening, with the coronavirus crisis forcing us all inside. But after receiving enthusiastic support and permission from the filmmakers to show their films online, we knew that the show must go on! Even if we can’t watch together in movie theaters, we can still watch the 16 all new, sexy short films, curated by Dan Savage, in the privacy and safety of our homes. Dan will introduce the show, and then take you straight to the great dirty movies that showcase an amazing range of shapes, colors, sexualities, kinks and fetishes!

Filmed in Seattle, Lynn Shelton's Humpday (Now streaming, multiple platforms, $2.99 to rent, $9.99 to buy) follows a pair of thirtysomething, straight male friends who reunite after years of careening down opposite life trajectories (one is stuck in his party days, one is married and trying to have a baby). Fueled by their competitive spirits, they decide to challenge each other to have sex on camera (or to "outdo each other by doing each other," as Shelton put it) and submit the footage to our own amateur-porn competition, HUMP! (which led to this fun little exchange). It's a hoot, and it won the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award.

The Lone Wolves present: Master Class
A brand new sketch show from Portland's Lone Wolves, an all-star collection of some of the city's most agile comedy minds! Master Class (Sat 8pm, $5-15) spends all its time parodying the onslaught of seminars and online classes that have arisen during the coronavirus crisis, with "Master Classes" led by teachers including The Ghost of James Mason, 8th Grader Susie Renaldi, Gunther Gehlschpang, and Tony. Proceeds support the Siren Theater.

Usually, podcasts spring out of TV shows—specifically, someone makes a show, and then some fan makes a podcast to talk about that show. But sometimes, that creative pipeline flows in the opposite direction. One of the first podcasts to become a TV show is also one of the best shows in the last five years, thanks to showrunner and director Sam Esmail, who took almost every lesson he learned while making Mr. Robot for USA and applied it to his 2018 adaptation of Homecoming. Esmail plays with sound, with aspect ratio, with editing, and with genre expectations to create a thriller that evokes the best of '70s paranoid cinema (The Parallax View, The Conversation) while feeling so new that it might take another two-or-three years for TV to catch up with it. (Oh yeah, and Julia Roberts, Bobby Cannavale, and Stephan James are in it.) And when you're all caught up with season one, proceed straight into season two, which dropped on Prime Video May 22, starring Janelle Monae (!) as a woman at the center of another, literal government mind-control conspiracy. Esmail's still producing, but the directing is being done this time by Stanford Prison Experiment's Kyle Patrick Alvarez.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Wes Anderson’s adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl story was the film that caused everyone to simultaneously realize all his previous films were quirky stop-motion shoebox diorama comedies. It’s just that he was limiting himself by making them with actual people. Remove the limitation, and you wind up with the most charming, warm, and funny entry in his filmography, which just got added to the Disney+ catalog.

Coast to Coast Roast: The Finals
Helium's new livestream stand-up series is also an outlet for any tension, frustration, and acid that might have built up over the course of your self-quarantine, as comics from all over the country get in front of their webcams, get the green-light from the showrunners, and proceed to roast everyone in front of them alive. Nobody got to have a March Madness this year, so instead, why not enjoy the Coast to Coast Roast, and see which comic is the ultimate conqueror in a nationwide roast battle. In fact: tonight at 6 pm is THE FINALS. Meaning only the most poisonous tongue and evil mind will reign supreme, but chances are good some fallen foes on this road to ruin will rise back up to spit venom and flame from beyond the grave. That got portentious super-fast, didn't it? Anyway, it's hosted by Joe List and Mark Normand. Tune in!

Love Mercury Music Coverage?

Sublime w/ Rome: Memorial Day Weekend BBQ
While some states are speedily re-opening (and those states are seeing increases in COVID cases... probably not an accident!) nobody's probably ready to entertain the sort of un-safely distanced cookout gathering Memorial Day is known for. And loath as some folks might be to admit it: There are a ton of fond summer memories, featuring barbecues gone by, scored with the sloppy, stoned, good-timey vibes embodied by Sublime. And this Memorial Day weekend, Sublime with Rome is looking to literally embody those vibes while you commandeer the grill with a livestreamed concert (3 pm, $10-15), with proceeds benefitting MusiCares.

Taylor Swift: City of Lover
Some of you might have been hating indiscriminately against Ms. Swift for one reason or another. And then maybe the revelation that Kim & Kanye had lied about her all that time (the audacity!) had you going "Okay, you know what? Maybe I was unfair to Ms. Swift. Maybe I should give her another shot." Good news: Hulu and Disney+ are now streaming the City of Lover concert, shot in Paris, in 2019, where Ms. Swift delivers a pretty intimate and mostly acoustic performance of songs including "Daylight," "Death by a Thousand Cuts," "Cornelia Street" and more. All the drama, the pomp and circumstance, and the production value befitting a pop megastar sometimes obscures the fact she's a singer/songwriter at her core, and this concert puts a bright light on that aspect of her artistry. If you're looking to really give her an honest shot, this show is as good an opportunity as any.

HAIM, a band our former Music Editor Ciara Dolan once called "a true miracle of nature," have a new album coming out later this year called Women in Music Pt. III and today they dropped what the music industry is calling a "single" from it called "Don't Wanna"—but when we looked at it, appears to have six whole-ass songs on it, which is about four more than a normal "single" has at most. Semantics aside, every one of these six songs sounds like HAIM is fixin' to drop one of those all-time summer albums. Hell, as we go through this EP (that's really what it is, c'mon) for its second loop through this morning, "Don't Wanna" seems like it's trying to do that all by itself.