If geckos can be friendly, SO CAN YOU.
If geckos can be friendly, SO CAN YOU. Twitter Screen Shot

Welcome back from Memorial Day weekend, and I hope you didn't forget to remember that quarantine SUCKS. However, the Mercury Cheer Up Club is on hand to cure those post-holiday blues with some good laughs curated from the internet! So remember to start laughing... NOW!

Today in "How YOU doin'?" news:

Today in "Are we sure the crow isn't just fucking with that hedgehog?" news:

Today in "Somebody needs to check on dad" news:

Today in "I think that's a sarcastic wave" news:

Today in "Because cats love mustard I guess?" news:

Today in "Incredibly complicated (but entertaining) Rube Goldberg machine" news:

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And finally, today in "Hey kid! I'll give you A MILLION DOLLARS for that dad!" news:

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