Authorities have arrested the cop accused of killing George Floyd, and are charging him with murder.
Authorities have arrested the cop accused of killing George Floyd, and are charging him with murder. Scott Olson / Getty News

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• Following nights of protests in Minneapolis, authorities have arrested the officer who suffocated and killed George Floyd, and are charging him with third degree murder. Investigations are continuing into the three officers that were also on the scene and watched it happen.

• Both former President Obama and hopefully soon-to-be president Joe Biden offered hopeful speeches that demanded justice for George Floyd, while our current, morally bankrupt president... you guessed it... made things much, much worse.

• As usual the most terrible leader in the world, Donald Trump, proved he is an absolute monster by announcing on Twitter that protesters are "thugs" and could be shot—causing the social media platform to attach a warning to his tweet that said he was "glorifying violence." Or, you know, THEY COULD JUST BAN HIM FROM THE PLATFORM. It's their dinner party, they can kick out whoever they want.

• Even after offering to follow the directions of Minneapolis police, a CNN crew reporting on the protest was arrested and taken into custody. They have since been released, and Governor Tim Walz accepted full responsibility for the gaffe, reiterating that reporters need space to report the news—especially in situations like this:

If community members see “a reporter being arrested, their assumption is it’s because something’s going to happen they don’t want to be seen, and so that is unacceptable," Walz said. "The protection and security and safety of journalists covering this is a top priority, not because it’s a nice thing to do, but because it is a key component of how we fix this.”

• Here in town, two protests took place yesterday in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center. Two vigils to memorialize George Floyd were scheduled for today, one that happened this morning, and another at 6 pm. Our Alex Zielinski has more.

OOOOOOOH, Trump is in deep doo-doo now, because he's incurred the wrath of Taylor Swift and her legitimately HUGE army of "Swifties."


• As of today, Oregon has a total of 4,131 positive coronavirus cases. There have been 151 deaths.

• After being called out for a lack of transparency, the Oregon Health Authority says it will begin revealing the names of businesses who have outbreaks of the coronavirus.

• The Oregon legislature is calling in the head of the Employment Department this Saturday for a special session to hopefully find out why an astounding 200,000 Oregonians have yet to receive their first unemployment check.

• Our idiot president, in yet ANOTHER failed attempt to divert attention from how he bungled America's pandemic response and caused the deaths of untold thousands, said today that he is cutting ties with the World Health Organization. Currently the US is the largest WHO contributor, which means we can all expect much more blood on Trump's hands.

• The nation could be heading into a new and deadly phase of the virus, following the sharp increase in infections and deaths in a dozen states.

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• And finally, today in "woke Karens":