I love traveling around the country and bringing Savage Love Live to theaters near you—it's always a blast—but we're obviously not able do that right now. So we're doing the next best thing: our first-ever livestream show! The Savage Love Livestream goes down—goes up? goes live?—TOMORROW June 4th at 7 PM PST.

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You can send me questions beforehand at livestream@savagelovecast.com, or you can ask questions live during the show. I’ll do my best to answer as many as I can, only this time I’ll be answering them on Zoom in your living room. Or your bedroom. Or your bathroom. Or your dungeon. It's up to you!

And proceeds from this show are being donated to Northwest Harvest, an organization that supports a network of food banks in Washington state. So join me, Nancy, the tech-savvy/at-risk youth and the Infant of Prague for our first livestream show! Get your tickets here! Again, all proceeds go to Northwest Harvest and I'm going to match the first $2K we raise and double your donation to this great organization!