Minh Tran

I don't know about you but one of the hardest pills to swallow during the coronavirus shutdown was not being able to kick back at a bar with a friend or two, knock back a few cocktails, and watch a band playing some loud music.

If you feel the same, please join me in letting out a huge sigh of relief, as we learned today that the World Famous Kenton Club is looking to reopen on June 12 as an outdoor hangout space complete with a stage for live shows.

A fixture of North Portland since 1947, the Kenton Club is gearing up to join the first wave of businesses to take advantage of Multnomah County entering into Phase 1 of the state's reopening plan. And to do so, they've built an outdoor area that can accommodate up to 50 people, including a full bar and food service. Their plan also includes allowing a limited number of people to hang out inside the original bar space.

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According to the press release sent out by the Kenton Club, they've already lined up some performers to kick off what they're calling "semi-unplugged twilight shows," including Sean Croghan and Sarah Moon and the Bad Habits, with many more to come. They will also keep up their regular DJ nights and bingo nights, and will be announcing other events very soon.

To comply with the Phase 1 plan, the Kenton Club will be marking off spaces in the parking lot to make sure that customers are maintaining proper social distancing and will set up handwashing stations.

Is it going to be the same as staying out way too late and getting trashed while bumping into some strangers as a punk rock band adds another layer to your tinnitus? Of course not. But it's the closest thing we'll have to that for the time being. So to this news, I say: The first round is on... shit, can you get this one? I'm still waiting for my stimulus check.