Even in the midst of a pandemic quarantine, you have sex and relationship worries, yes? YES, YOU DO!

That's why you don't want to miss the SAVAGE LOVE LIVESTREAM event, coming at you TONIGHT Thursday, June 4, where sex/relationship expert Dan Savage will answer your most pressing questions LIVE in this super fun Zoom event!

Need advice? Simply send your question anonymously to, and Dan will read and answer as many questions as he can! Oh, and it gets better, because all proceeds of the Savage Love Livestream event will be donated to Northwest Harvest—distributing food to a network of more than 370 food banks, meal programs, and high-need schools.

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So don't delay! Send in your question and GET YOUR TICKETS NOW AND HERE for a night of fun with Dan Savage and his sweet 'n' salty brand of no-nonsense advice! ALL YOUR PROBLEMS—SOLVED!*

*Individual results may vary.